TfL transactions not coming out of my account

(Oliver Outen) #1

The first tube fair came out of my account however no tube fairs seem to have come out since

(Rika Raybould) #2

How recent were these transactions? TfL normally charge the next day during the week or next working day over the weekend.

You can check what charges TfL think are pending and receive a full breakdown of the journeys by registering at

(Oliver Outen) #3

One journey was on Thursday and the other was yesterday, neither have appeared

(Rika Raybould) #4

Did you get the 10p card check charge on either of those days?

Either way, check with TfL for now and if the charges do not appear with Monzo by Tuesday (the next charge cycle should be Monday night/Tuesday morning), contact Monzo support using in-app chat.


I travelled on the tube this Friday morning.
The 10p check appeared on my Monzo account about 30 minutes after first using my card.
I am registered with their contactless website, but the journeys took a couple of hours before they appeared on there.
I was stopped by the revenue protection staff who scanned my card and it would not read it (a known issue with their portable readers is that they don’t recogise Mondo/Monzo cards) so I explained the problem and they just said OK and let me go on my way. I am sure if I sounded less confident or was perhaps in my jeans instead of a suit I may have had more hassle.
As of today, Sunday, the money still not charged to my Monzo account, so I assume that my Friday transactions are not charged until Monday.


but only if you register before making the journeys.If you register after making the journeys it will only show any subsequent journeys and not retrospective ones made prior to registration of the card on their site (according to TfL)

(Rika Raybould) #7

Interesting, I’ve had mixed results with registering other people with their cards.

(Oliver Outen) #8

I had no 10p card check on friday or saturday, but I had an immediate one on the journey on thrusday which is the only one i’ve been charged for so far

(Rika Raybould) #9

Alright, that’s expected then.

Assuming TfL delayed the full charge from Thursday for whatever reason, you should be charged for all journeys on Monday night.

Make sure you have enough balance to cover these as failed charges will result in your card being blacklisted by TfL until they can be cleared.

This is not a Monzo specific issue, but rather just a result of the way TfL batch up contactless card charges and does not present charges during the weekend.

@anon44204028 By the way, looks like it’s possible to get a seven day journey history without registering for an account by using this page.


Thanks Richard for the 7 days info