TfL Total Visits

I have used my Mondo card 8 times for getting around London :flag_gb: with TfL. However, 2 of those transactions appear as a “Delayed transaction”, and are not included in the “Total visits to this retailer”.

For example, if I select a “Delayed transaction” with TfL, it says I have 2 “Total visits to this retailer”. On the other hand, if I select a normal transaction with TfL, it says I have 6 “Total visits to this retailer”.

If I then select to view all of the transactions for TfL (from the detailed overview page of any of individual transaction), then I get a total of 8 transactions showing, despite the counter telling me less.

It seems that the counter is not working as expected, and a “Delayed transaction” is not being included in the “Total visits to this retailer”.

I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this bug?

Edit: This bug :bug: also extends to the “Your Spending” feed where there are duplicate TfL entries, as reported here.

TFL is all over the place at the moment. Mainly due to delayed transactions/capped pricing.

Someone may be able to explain this better!

Hopefully one day Mondo will be able to use the data from TFL to show transactions.