"Your Card" total doesn't match register total

(Alex Hay) #1

I reconcile every transaction I make with YNAB (a fantastic budgeting app) and was pulling my hair out because the totals weren’t matching. I exported a CSV from Mondo of all transactions and the total matched my YNAB total, not the total displayed in Mondo.

The discrepancy is £7.60 which matches a delayed TFL amount from 2 days ago so that’s presumably causing some issues.

I’m in contact with Mondo support in-app (who are great) and am waiting until the end of the week in case it’s a weekly cap issue but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced similar?

(William Hamilton) #2

I’ve encountered exactly the same issue (and I use YNAB too! :smiley:)

I’ve spoken with Dillon (who is great as you say and very patient) about this and I understand it is a problem with the way TFL transactions are processed.