TFL Charging me wrong Tube Fares

Started using my Monzo this week for tube, due to losing my oyster card. However, getting some very perplexing issues.

On Monday 18th March I got charged £4.80
On Wednesday 20th March I got charged £5.80
Today (Thursday 21st March) I got charged £7.00
Today (Thursday 21st March) I also got charged £0.10 twice
(All by TFL)

I just have no idea why I’m getting charged different amounts. I use it to go to and from work on tube.

On Wednesday I took the bus as well. However, the bus is £1.50, so I don’t know why it’s £1.20 more. Why did I not get charged on Tuesday? I’m also now in negative balance suddenly - and being charged for being in overdraft. Wtf is happening? I’m on a very very tight budget atm, so need to be able to track my purchases easily and not all of sudden be in overdraft.

Surely it should be the same fare everyday bar Wednesday. Also, how did I pay for the tube if I didn’t have enough - I never gave myself an overdraft…

Are you tapping in and out with the physical card? Remember you can’t tap in with the physical card and (e.g.) tap out w/ Google Pay

Your journey and payment history on should be enlightening.


You could be hitting your cap which is why you’re seeing 10p. Check what zones you are going in and out of during the week and add up all of the TFL transactions. If it goes above your weekly cap then challenge TFL with your findings.

Also this

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Maybe you travel around the 9:30am or 7:00pm times, so sometimes you get peak fares, other times off-peak?
The 10p charges are pre-authorisations that will turn into the real amounts later or be refunded.
But yes, as akm said, login for more info if it doesn’t all settle in a couple of days.

As part of my job I manage an Oyster Ticket Stop; registering any card you use is smart as it’s easy to see where and how you’ve been charged.

You can also apply for any refunds or apply for a delay refund on any delayed journey in only a few clicks too.

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Unfortunately I have no registered the card with TFL, so can’t see that

You can register and see it all straight away…

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I am tapping in and out with the physical card

Above one doesn’t work, but you can use this one

link for 7 day history for unregistered card is

Oh I will be doing that now then, thank you!

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Unfortunately ‘Sorry, but we were unable to verify your card based on the details supplied.’ tried 3 times

I have no cap, but good suggestion thanks

Everyone has a cap. A daily cap, weekly, monthly. It depends on your journey history. It’s all on the tfl website. If you register your card you can see the journey history in future.

If you never accepted an overdraft, you shouldn’t be in one or being charged for one. Monzo will let you go into a negative balance in this kind of situation even without an overdraft (TfL delay charges, so that’s why it happens), but won’t be charging you for the negative balance. And if you did accept an overdraft from Monzo, the first £20 is fee-free.

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It’s sometimes picky about address and postcode format. Make sure it’s exactly the same as what it says in Monzo. If all else fails, you can ring up TfL and talk to someone who will be able to see your journey history, even unregistered - you type in your card number on the phone and it works out who you are.

What journey’s are you making? Is it just tube and bus, is rail involved? Is it the same journey’s every day? Lots of things can effect the price being paid.

The 10p charges will be them doing an active card check. You’ll generally find them refunded later.

£7 is a daily zone 1-2 cap, so it could be this day you hit the cap.