London TfL Bus Charges


Hi all

First post, on the Beta Monzo card for about a month now and based in London.

Recently moved house, so instead of playing armpit roulette on the Tube (short people will understand), I am now enjoying the luxury of a calm bus ride to and from my office.

So here’s the question…
I know charges generally go out the next day to deal with capping and all that jazz.

But, why when I am taking two journeys a day are they capping at £1.50?

  • Will another load of cash be charged at the end of the week?
  • Are the two journeys (approximately 10 hours apart) somehow being logged as a Hopping Fare so only charging me for one?

Curious of East London

(Alex Sherwood) #2

It looks like you’re accidentally taking advantage of the new hopper fares so there won’t be any additional charges :tada:


Since you’ve said these journeys are 10 hours apart it’s unlikely you’re taking advantage of fare hopping. What’s odd is I’m a regular bus user in London and I’m often charged £1.50 too. Lately I’ve been confused by my tube journeys which are coming in at £3 return. (I’m going one stop in one direction and then in four hours or so one stop back). There’s no fare on The underground for £1.50 so I’ll be damned if I know what’s going on …


I have also had my tube fares come thru less recently despite travel in the same zones

(Herp Derp) #5

When I go to work I used to get two buses in a row within 30 mins of each other and only get charged £1.50 now I get one and still get £1.50.


in situation a you are taking advantage of the fare hopper (you have 60 minutes to get a second bus) and in situation b you’re getting on the bus and paying the fare. Neither of those situations are similar to the one I’ve described happening to me or to the OP where we’ve used a bus service several hours apart and only been charged £1.50 the following day. The correct charge is £3.

And then there’s the £3 charge I’ve been paying for a return journey in zone 2 on the tube. A £1.50 single doesn’t exist on the underground …

(Bob) #7

Zone 2 off peak and public holiday single fares are £1.50


They are?! Then how did I pay £3.20 yesterday for the same journey at the same times as the day before (where I paid £1.50 each way so £3).


Ok I just checked and I must be triggering the peak fare in the morning sometimes if I enter just before 09.30. Mystery solved !!

(Craig Murdo) #10

TfL have a great website if you wish to track your usage. Create an account and link the card you are using for a detailed list of transactions.


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lol I feel for all of you - we have a bus on mondays and wednesdays its £3.50 each way :slight_smile: and doesnt accept cards


Here in Essex I pay £5.80 for a return to the nearest large town…so nearly £6 if I am going to the bank to pay in a ****** cheque for £10 or £15 :sob: