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I know that there was a problem with transactions earlier on today and the advice to take another card. Is there a way to differentiate between the top-up card and the CA in the messages sent or do any problems relate to both cards?

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I think the difference lies in the ‘Monzo Status’ as opposed to ‘Monzo Bank Status’ or similar wording to identify which product the notification relates to.


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the text message either says

  • ‘Monzo status’ for pre paid
  • ‘Monzo bank status’ for current accounts


  • prepaid status page


well worth subscribing to one or both its a free service from Monzo


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Thanks. I’m subscribed to the prepaid card ones but not had a message from the CA so didn’t realise there was a difference.

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yes me neither until alex pointed it out :slight_smile: maybe I missed it but surely Monzo should be pointing this out in the sign up process - lol maybe they do and as usual I didn’t read the small print …doh


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