TestFlight iOS 1.19.26 release

So this landed today.

So far the only thing I have seen is the pin request button has changed to a single asterisk.

The keyboard still does not dismiss for pots when adding or removing funds. Is Monzo seeing this as correct UX? Surely not but it’s a simple fix and has been mentioned for the last 3 releases so I can’t see any other reason for it still to exist :man_shrugging:t2: @cookywook

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Yeap I also see nothing obviously different

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Screenshot of the new PIN icon?

Here you go -


it just matches the size of the other buttons now.

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imageImage as requested

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Thing is it then make you want the +/- there too as with the pots rather than separate UI for it.

that just looks weird. It would be better with four stars (****) or a padlock, one star just is not logical!

Still got the old mastercard logo…

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Yes, what’s up with that? Should be the easiest of things to change.


The old discussion of the pin icon here, for reference

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The only detailed change relates to selecting a different address for card delivery. Is this for replacement cards? And what security is in place to prevent someone else from amending to their desired address?

It’s the usual security - your phone’s lockscreen protection.

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That is only good security if it is my phone though right?

I’m not sure what you mean?

So I. Am referring to someone knowing my email password they essentially have access to my Monzo account right? And with this feature they could then send cards to a different address than my address?

I kind of feel like we should have approved devices. And if the app is downloaded on a new device there should be a notification and ability to revoke the access?

Yes. But not giving someone else access to your email account seems like the solution here?


I am not sure anyone would knowingly give others access to passwords (nor should they) but that is not to say email accounts can be compromised.

Putting it another way. If you set up a payment to someone you are asked to enter your card pin. To get access to the cards pin in the app you need photo ID and to record a video. So asking for your card pin when trying to send a card to a different address would also seem logical.

Just relying on your phone being secure when in reality you just need a compromised email account to install the app/access on any device seems way too insecure. Especially when the app could be holding thousands now it’s a full current account.

They’d need continued access to your phone in order to activate your card if they did manage to get it sent to their address..

And you wouldn’t be liable any money that’s taken from the account if your card was stolen so Monzo would reimburse you.

Just to jump in here, there are a few more protections than you see but even if someone were to get a debit card sent to an alternative address, they will need both continued access to your app in addition to your card PIN to activate it. :1234: :slightly_smiling_face:


The majority of changes in this release aren’t user-facing ones, but squishing lots of nasty bugs and preparing things in the background for future user-facing updates :grinning:

The new delivery address flow is a big one for us!

Previously, changing your delivery address required getting in touch with us through in-app support and represented a massive 10% of user queries (I think that statistic was from January rather than all time, but it’s historically always represented a large amount of queries). Now this is something users can do themselves!