Testflight 2.0.0 released

(Kenneth Cajigas) #1

Looks like summary is to be released to everyone when the update comes to the production version of the app :raised_hands:

I’ve tried to delete a payee on the payments tab but doesn’t seem to be working for me… Anyone else experiencing the same issue?

(Harry) #2

I still see the spending tab (I didn’t have labs turned on) and can’t delete payees on this version :sweat_smile:

(Lewis King) #3

Me neither :frowning:

(Kenneth Cajigas) #4

I also happen to have 19 golden tickets which doubled every time I logged in and out of the app :eyes: time to give them out :joy:

(Brandon Billingham) #5

I hope it’s not. It’s really not ready to be released to everyone at this point.

(Herp Derp) #6

Agreed, I used summary the day it come out and turned it off 20 mins later then again tried a week or two after and again turned it off.

(Jack) #7

Deleting payees also doesn’t work for me.
I guess summary is at the stage where it’s better than the current spending screen. Maybe that’s why it’s ready?
I also got a message asking what I wanted to do when my balance got low even though I answered that a few days ago.

(Jack) #8

I never get them come through anymore

(Beta User) #9

I also can’t delete a previous payee. I wonder why this doesn’t work when its one of two main features in this update?

(Michael) #10

It’s a feature that’s switched on server-side … sit tight… it’s a TestFlight build. :sweat_smile:

(David watson ) #11

Deleting payees doesn’t work for me either! As for summery is available for everyone it always was once you turned it on in labs nothing has changed with it, Roll on the next exciting feature packed update :blush:

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