Tesco Pay at Pump expense wrongly recorded

Yesterday I used my Mpnzo card at the local Tesco Pay At Pump. I spent £50.61 (I have the pump receipt.) but the Monzo App recorded only £1 payment. Presumably this is a preauthorisation amount but what happens now? Does Monzo think I have £49.61 more than it should in my account? Is this a known problem?

This is how PaP works unfortunately (changing soon).

The pre auth checks you have a set amount in the bank enough to cover the transaction - you fill up - then the money leaves your account once Tesco claim the money.

You’ll find in a couple of days the £1 will change to the correct amount.


Thanks. It is good to know it will self correct.

Just to expand on this slightly, the same happens regardless of which bank you’re with.

The reason you might not have noticed with your “legacy” bank is with their system it takes a few days for it to appear as a transaction in your account. Then when it does, Tesco will have already requested the full amount so you won’t have seen the £1 pre-auth :slight_smile:

Monzo is just speedier :zap: