Pay at the pump - Payment amount issue

Hi guys, I’m sure you’ve had this feedback before but just want to flag that when I ‘Pay at the pump’ using my Monzo card, my app updates to tell me I’ve spent 1p then a day or two later it updates to the actual amount spent.

Given that all other transactions are instant, it makes it difficult to properly manage your funds. Also this has happened at multiple Service Stations so isn’t specific to a single brand.


I believe that this happens at all pay at pumps.

It’s not a Monzo issue, as Monzo can’t notify you of the actual amount you spent until the merchant transmits the figure to Monzo, which can take some time.

The only solution at the moment is to pay at the cash desk (if there is one).


Until all PFS move to the new process that visa and MasterCard have announced then this will be an issue :weary:


Yes, sadly Monzo can’t display figures that they don’t have access to. I’ve pretty much given up paying at the pump at the minute unless I’m using a credit card.


Same here I only tend to use my credit card for filling up my car and large purchases where it’s nice to get cashback / extra protection.

What would be nice if Monzo sent an additional notification to say that the amount has been updated on the authorisation. ( I feel this has been suggested before)


Yeah, that’s come up before and it is a bit of a hole in my view.

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This has annoyed me since Pay at Pump first started.

Only this week did I finally discover a workaround.

I know roughly how much my tank takes to fill. At most petrol pumps, you can set it to stop automatically at a certain value. If you set it to stop automatically, it takes the funds in full immediately. So you can just set a limit that almost fills your tank, and the money will disappear straight away. Not 100% ideal, but for me much better than trying to remember for days how much will be coming out of my account.


Today I paid 30.05 at the Tesco pay at fuel pump. Card worked fine. The machine couldn’t give me a receipt but I wasn’t bothered as my MONZO app tells me seconds after I have made a payment. But not today! And when it does appear, there’s only a pound taken, not the £30.05.
I haven’t been with MONZO long but everything has been great up until now.
I have sent an in app query but wondered if others having similar issues.

That’s just the way those machines work unfortunately. There’s more discussion about it over here:

Ah thank you! Very helpful!

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This is pretty standard across Pay at pump. Sadly retailers are dragging their heels over the new process which should have been in place long before now