Tesco listed as General not Groceries

(Tom Hulton-Harrop) #1

Hey there,

Incredibly small thing but I noticed purchases at the supermarket Tesco were listed under General and not Groceries in the Monzo app. If this could be updated/adjusted I feel it would be more accurate.



(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #2

Tom, try changing it in-app to your preferred category, and it should remember your choice for next time.

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This is a tough one for any supermarket who no longer just sells groceries. I think general is probably the right default but you can change the category if you prefer. I tend to avoid altogether and shop locally, though I know not everywhere has that option.

(Tom Hulton-Harrop) #4

@j06 Oh cool! I didn’t realize you could customize the categories, that’s fantastic thanks! :smile:

@Morganleprix Ah good point, default General probably is correct, I just never buy anything else but milk and soup from there :wink: Thanks!

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The breakfast of champions! :grinning: