Option to set Newly Selected Merchant Category as Default or One Off

(Oliver Outen) #1

If I go to sainsbury and buy a few beers I will go and categorise the transaction as ‘entertainment’ as opposed to ‘groceries’. However the next time I go to sainsbury monzo puts my shopping into the entertainment tab unless I change it back - of course if I go and buy food this isn’t correct. What we need here is a second option when recategorisong which asks if you want to Recategorise it as a one off or change it’s default category

(Colin Robinson) #2

I get something similar at Sainsbury’s with petrol :fuelpump:️ I’m forever switching between groceries and transport.


I could see that with a large group like Co-op where they have pharmacies and opticians and travel agents. Go to buy petrol and groceries and the next time you go to their funeral directors it pops up as groceries :joy:

(Oliver Outen) #4

Yeah I’m forever switching as well, I think lots of my old transactions are in-accurate as I only noticed this happened this week

(Ki) #5

Almost a year on and this still is my only annoyance with Monzo, still seems to be happening with the new current accounts too