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We have been in this rented accommodation for nearly 7 years and just a few months [same address] with a new landlord [son of the previous landlord] and my communications with the new landlord regarding some repairs that need to be done seem to be falling on deaf ears.

I am fairly certain he struggled to get a mortgage for this place and am worried that he might default as it is unlike him not to respond within a few hours - it has been 3 days. I am fairly sure that if that happened the mortgage company would foreclose and we would have to move, perhaps hastily.

We do not have, actually have never had, any insurance and I think it is about time I rectified that situation. Is there a good [cheapish] company out there that you folk could recommend? Also, do you think it possible to insure ourselves against sudden foreclosure and ameliorate some of the costs?

Thanks, R-
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The law doesn’t change just because someone doesn’t pay their bills, so a bank cant just kick you out. They have to let your live out your tendency agreement, or give you 2 months notice if your on a rolling agreement.

The only time this isn’t true is if your landlord took out a normal mortgage and your were never allowed to live there in the first place.

As for insurance, you’ll probably really need to shop around, it can depend on property area.


Good point. Knowing the family (his Dad anyway) I can be sure he will have got the correct mortgage. R-

I actually still think you have a right to remain in the property - the mortgage doesn’t preclude the owner of the freehold the ability to enter into tenancy agreements - it would just be a breach of the mortgage Ts&Cs - this being because the OP was in the property at the time the new mortgage was granted.

As long as it is an AST - you should be okay. There are naturally exceptions.

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Yes they can’t kick you out if you have an AST.

I’ve never heard of insurance incase of foreclosure,
Do you also want the insurance for contents or to cover the repairs?

If it’s for the repairs, there could be an excess and I don’t think it’s fair you should stump this up.

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Thanks, @kolok. The insurance would just be for contents. We are not going to repair anything if he doesn’t. Might need a word in his Dad’s ear. R-

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Probably always a good shout to have contents insurance - although I can’t see why any repossession attempts by a lender (if the landlord were to stop making mortgage payments) would affect your contents.

Hopefully he just needs a clip round the ear from the old man and that’ll get him to do the repairs.


I just have contents insurance with Ariva. Buildings insurance is up to the home owner.

Absolutely. AA is the best quote ATM via Confused.com ÂŁ65p.a. R-