Sorted my mortgage out today 😀

(Martin Jones) #1

So my landlord offered to sell me the property I am currently renting as he is moving to Spain in the near future.

After spending a fortune in solicitor fees and valuation fees etc I am finally on the property ladder :muscle::grinning:

Finally not paying into someone else’s retirement fund

Anyone want to send me a penny as a congrats haha

Jokes :wink:

Reason for the post, i think Ive got everything covered what additional fees should I expect

Building and contents insurance…

(Richard) #2


Not sure what other fees you may get. But massive congrats on jumping onto the ladder.


Congrats! How many years you will repay?

(Martin Jones) #4

Depends on on my pennies I receive :yum: haha its a 15 year mortgage



Yup, buildings and contents insurance,
The best energy deal you can find.
The best broadband deal you can find - use comparison sites.
If your house doesn’t have a water meter and you live alone, it may well be cheaper to have a meter, provided free in England and Wales but you have to pay for installation in Scotland and apparently it isn’t cheap. We bought a new build and a water meter was fitted at build.
If you have gas central heating, make sure you get the boiler serviced if it hasn’t been done for a while. You’d be amazed at just how many people never bother getting the boiler serviced.
Consider changing the locks, you have absolutely no idea just who might have a spare key to the property.
Don’t forget to get your mail redirected for up to six months from your previous address. I did mine for a year. You have to pay I think, but there’s piece of mind private mail won’t go missing. Consider joining the Mailing Preference Service to stop junk mail coming through the door. Any mail through the door for previous occupants, just write Return to Sender addressee not known, and shove it back in the nearest postbox. I promise you, mail for previous occupants will soon stop because companies don’t like paying for the return postage.
Make sure you’re on the Electoral Roll. It helps with your credit rating believe it or not. You have an option not to appear on the Open Register, I’m personally not registered on the Open Register.

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You don’t need a water meter in scotland? Our water is free (we have LOADS of it!) :wink:


It’s not free, it’s included in council tax.

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You don’t need a meter installed.


Yes you don’t have to but the water isn’t free, it’s included in your council tax as a fixed cost. You can do the same in England if you choose to (but still paid independent of council tax)

(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #10

I was responding to this fact… thanks for the extra clarification.

(Richard) #11

With regards to what @Topsy2 advised I generally go to Money Saving Expert. They can get good deals on things and then will check price comparison sites.

Join his Energy Club and they will scan all the tariffs out there and give you a list of options. You can also set it so that if a tariff becomes available that will save you so much per year they will notify you.

Building and Contents look online at comparison sites. We made the mistake of going with the deal our mortgage broker recommended but after sticking with it for two years, I looked for a different option and managed to get a deal combining them both and saving over £700 a year!!

Again congrats!


Congratulations on the purchase! A word to the wise on the insurance front… Make sure you check the cover being offered by the insurance providers - you pay for what you get. Some of the “better” insurers aren’t on comparison sites. Also worth googling customer reviews before you take it out (trustpilot etc).

Good luck with homeownership!