Renting issues

A little advice needed, I’ve been renting a room in a shared house (HMO) since December. I’m currently being paid on a four weekly basis on a Wednesday and pay as soon as I’m paid but at end of every month the landlord contacts me saying I’m in arrears please contact urgently! Now this is starting to annoy me because I pay rent as soon as I get paid and all my payments are UP TO DATE (I’m not actually in arreas) it’s just that I’m not being paid at the end of the month like most.

I’ve explained to the landlord that I’m on a four weekly payroll but I didn’t receive a response! My license is a weekly one so I only need to give a weeks notice but I don’t wish to and want to vacate ASAP what happens if I don’t give a weeks notice? I don’t wish to stay here any longer if I keep having to repeat myself every month ridiculous!

It all depends. Did you sign a contract and did you pay a deposit? I suspect those would be deciding factors on any attempt to exit early.

It’s not really my area, unfortunately, I’m just relying on common sense and what I’ve half-remembered having seen on rogue landlord-type programmes, but hopefully someone else will be able to add something useful!

If you don’t give notice as agreed in your contract, you’ll lose your deposit I’d imagine?

Equally, you can hand in notice today, and move out today, just that you’re final ‘move out day’ will be officially next week.

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Hi guys,

Thanks for the replies, I didn’t put down a deposite I just had to pay £175 administration fee which obviously you don’t get back. So I wouldn’t really be loosing out on anything there. However I’m abit concerned about future references from them if needed.

Give them a weeks notice in writing, keep a copy of that, and ask them for a confirmation.

If they won’t give you a reference you’ll at least be able to show you abided by the terms of the contract.

What does your tenancy agreement say? Is it an AST?

If you only have to give 1 week notice you are doing well, normally notice is one rental period, which in your case would be a full calendar month.

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Here is a page from Citizens Advice on ending tenancies -

I’d definitely have a look over your agreement to work out what rights you have though!

Sorry if this comes across a little rude but I’m not getting how you cant pay on time? You’re needing to pay on a specific date every month? Are you not keeping the correct money aside for it and having to wait for your next paycheque?


What are you not getting? Have you read what I’ve said properly or not? I pay my rent when my wages are paid like every other normal person does. It’s just that I’m not paid on a monthly biases but instead on a four weekly payroll. Like literally a week after the month ends and my rent is up to date. So it’s really got nothing to do with putting the correct money aside because that’s not the issue…

my contract says the following- licensee must give no less than 1 weeks notice in writing served at any time. A week is Monday noon to Monday noon and the property must be vacated before 12 .

Yes but you should be paying for the following 4 weeks when you get paid instead of constantly being in arrears and paying it back

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Did you not read what I said aswell ?MY RENT PAYMENTS ARE UPDATE! I’m not in arrears I pay what I owe for the month and that’s it. I must be seriously talking in a different language Wth.

Then what’s your point about 4 weekly payroll? What’s that got to do with anything?

Do you speak to your Landlord in the same way?


And yet you wasted your time typing that :thinking:

Was just trying to help based on the basic and confusing facts you gave. Suggest you also read the forum code of conduct when you get a minute


When does your landlord expect the money?
That’s when you pay. Not when you get paid.

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Erm actually when i signed the agreement at the office they were aware that I would be paying four weekly :slight_smile: and that’s exactly what it says on my contract. So there really is no reason to be texting me that at the end of every month! And i simply asked for advice about leaving without giving my weeks notice i didn’t ask for advice about paying rent.

If you have a contract agreeing that then you need to make a formal complaint in writing. Not just a text or email.
I would also email them the complaint though and point out that you have sent the complaint by post.

You need to pay on the date your rent is due. This is rarely the day you get paid and is always 4 weeks to a month in advance. From what you have described you are paying your rent close to 4 weeks in arrears and you only catch up for a few days before you are in arrears again.

If however you’re paying on the date specified in your contract, you have grounds to complain.


Most normal people pay their rent on the date its due, not when they are paid. If my rent was due on the 1st of each month and I paid them on the 10th (because that’s my pay day) they’d get pissed and probably kick me out the property.

Given your situation you might be better off paying weekly because the date you are paid changes every month. Maybe see if your landlord would accept weekly payments and this saves you getting the annoying messages from your landlord and having to find somewhere else to live


No one does this. You need to pay your rent on the agreed date every month regardless when you get paid yourself. If you do not your rent is in arrears which from what you described your going into arrears every month for failure to pay.

You should pay your rent on time, you should be taking the cost of the rent out of your wage to pay when the rent is due, not waiting for nexts months wage to pay last weeks rent.

For example if your rent is due on the 30th and your paid on the 1st you need to keep your wage back from the first of that month to pay the rent on the 30th of the same month. You shouldn’t be waiting for next months wake to pay overdue rent.