Temporary Authorisation ? Help

Hi guys.
I ordered some stuff for my Grandad off SportsDirect, checked my paypal and it is saying " This is a temporary authorisation to make sure your funding source will cover the payment "

In Monzo it is saying this…

Is this anything to worry about ? Or is it normal?
In the billing address i used mine, and in the delivery address i used my grandads

I ordered something off sportsdirect last week and all went through ok… Just making sure this one will too

It’s fine all they have done is safeguarded the money by setting it aside. All should be fine.


It will say this on any transaction you click on that you’ve just made :slight_smile:


Got some shoes from them a few weeks ago and they didn’t take the money until a week after they’d delivered them. Sports direct are weird

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Great, thanks everyone.

Taken from the website ( Sports Direct )

Please note that we will not take payment for any item until it has been processed. We will however take an Authorisation. This will show on your bank statement as a reservation of funds which allocates the money to your order but this will not be released until we have processed your item(s) for delivery. In the event of us not being able to fulfil your order we will immediately request that your bank cancels the authorisation. If the authorisation still remains after several days, please contact your bank to request that they act upon our cancellation of the payment.

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Sounds about right. A merchant typically has 7 days to claim an authorised payment (by sending Monzo a presentment file). If they don’t, the money is released back to you. Note that the authorisation can last for 30 days for certain types of merchants, like hotels or car rentals.

Still not received confirmation yet, sent an email just to make sure everything is ok

update, they said item is being picked and ready for dispatch at which point they will take payment.

Might seem normal to you guys but im fairly new here so just wanted to check !

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No problem check away :slight_smile:

The community is always willing to help.

I think you’d probably find the process be the same as any other bank and that retailer.

Same as amazon. they usually don’t take payment until shipment or around about shipment time

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All gone through and been dispatched, thanks !

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