Temporarily suspended...

Hi all! I wanted to post here about it as opposed to other forums that just seem to be full of people who slate monzo when doing dodgy stuff.

I’ve opened the account a few weeks ago and it’s just being used for day-to-day stuff. I’ve changed my salary to be paid in and also the additional DWP benefit that I get. So far it’s been used for day to day spending such as the cinema (The Suicide Squad was great for anyone who hasn’t seen it), Tesco, petrol station, amazon etc.

I’ve also recently started a new business and my business partner sent £1100 for his share of the costs. Whilst not a business use as such, it’s for his share of the costs that I covered with my own personal money. We’ve enquired about opening a business account for this also. Chat keep giving the same response which I know they have to with due diligence etc but I’ve sent the following:

  1. Picture of me with ID next to face
  2. Picture of me with bank card next to face
  3. Picture of me next to computer accessing monzo web.
  4. Screenshots of the conversation where I give him the details to pay.

I’ve know the guy 10+ years and welcomed customer services to contact his bank to verify it’s a legit payment but as it was £1100 I suspect this is why it was frozen.

The only other reason that I could see it happening for is that I tried to make a transfer but I still had my netflix vpn/location changer app on so I could watch North American Netflix.

Has anyone recently had any issues like this? There doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as many here as there are on other forums.

So your account is frozen whilst they investigate the money your business partner sent to you?

These threads only go one way, so @AlanDoe will be along shortly to lock it.

You don’t know what has triggered it. It could be related to someone via someone else, another payment or dozens of other things.

All you can do is comply as they have asked and see what happens.


Hi @mrmatcor :wave:

Welcome to the Community.

If your account is currently frozen then a member of our team will be in touch to discuss this with you through our in app chat service or through email. There isn’t a way to speed up this process but you should be kept in the loop about what’s going on.

With this being the case - I’ll go ahead and close the Topic in the meantime as there isn’t much more support that can be provided by the Community.