Tell Me More About Monzo, I'm Interested!

Type below ONE reason why you choose Monzo and your TOP favourite feature! :partying_face:

Instant notifications


Savings pots.

It takes seconds to open a pot and, combined with salary sorter, easily put aside £10 per month for each of: Christmas 2020, birthdays, unexpected house or car repairs, holidays, home improvement, etc.

Sure, I could open a legacy savings account that might have a slightly better interest rate (current climate notwithstanding), but I’m only really likely to do that for pots where I put away ~£100s per month, such as saving for a holiday. Microsavings for things like birthdays and Christmas presents makes me feel like a superstar whenever I have a month with 4 family birthdays! Ordinarily, I’d have to find an extra £100-£200 that month for presents and meals out etc. But by putting aside £10 a month, some if not all of it is covered.

Now, if you’d said two things I love, I would say bills pots too!


Real-time banking (instant notifications, transaction details, and balance updating)

This is the main reason I opened an account and remains my favourite feature.


Developer friendly.

Not aware of any other bank allowing customers to access their accounts via an API. Allows for some cool side projects, e.g. auto submit expense transactions with an attached receipt image to an employers expense system.

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Starling has this also

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thank you for telling me your thoughts!! i totally agree about the saving pots! i am a new user, still exploring the features and learning how to maximize it!

do you use starling ? if yes why do you choose that over monzo! curious about the key reason of people choosing other challenger banks over monzo! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

thats a feature i didn’t know! thanks foe telling me! :green_heart:

i love this too, take just seconds to review my most updates balance! :star_struck:

with all the cute sound effects and animation too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: add some fun user experience !

If you are new user, let me explain my system to you:

I have three regular pots:

  1. monthly direct debits (DDs) and standing orders (SOs) that are always the same amount every month
  2. other monthly payments that are always the same amount, e.g. continuous payment authorities (CPAs), invoices to be paid manually, etc
  3. Quaterly or annual bills of any type, e.g. insurance, car tax, TV license, magazine subscriptions

Between my personal and joint account I have 21 pots!

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you are super well organized! i admire your ways of personal finance management! why did you choose monzo over other challenger banks available in the market? :astonished:

Shall we just write your dissertation for you?


yes! :man_dancing:t2: that would be great :+1::woozy_face::sunglasses:!!

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Bill pots (makes everything automatic)

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