Tax Residency from UK to Scotland?

Income Tax is different in Scotland, I’m sure there are plenty of Monzo users who would like to distinguish themselves from the rUK. Also I’d quite like a saltire instead of a Union Jack above my picture :rofl:image

There’s no reason for this. Despite tax rules being different, Monzo isn’t assessing you and the location doesn’t change anything about how Monzo works.

The only difference is who the information gets forwarded to. As the whole of the UK tax is managed by HMRC, there’s nothing you should change.


There are many reasons people do not want the Union Jack shown on their account/profile.


Its been raised a few times now that some people would prefer for a union jack not to be there.

We got this point on another thread from a monzo staff member saying it might be looked at.

Personally don’t have a US account at the moment so not an issue currently for me, lets hope they take note when the opportunity to have one is rolled out more.


Hi @nathanthomson8 - absolutely hear you. If you don’t have a US account (as well as a UK account) you will not see the “Union Jack” to differentiate - the fix to this has been made, but is not in the currently released build.

We have a weekly release cycle for the apps, dedicated time for testing and so on. Sometimes things don’t align perfectly leading to a bit of a delay on some changes, thanks again for being patient on this.


Well I’d also like an English flag rather than a British flag, because I define myself as English.

If you decide to do it for Scotland, you should do it for England too

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If we’re going down that argument, I’d like an EU flag because I define myself as European. :expressionless:


I think you should, that’s the point

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My point on this was more to take flags out of the equation altogether.

They can instil a sense of pride or hate, something i think monzo should avoid and can avoid quite simply this early on:


The flag was there in error - they are only to differentiate accounts for the people who have both a US and a UK account. It will disappear at the next update.

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I think the point to take from this is that the flag is associated with the residency of the account and not the self-identification of the individual.


I think the point to take from this is that flags have a visible impact on people :wink:


If you don’t like the flag, you could petition the government to change it, or vote for independence, or…? It’s a UK account and that is the recognised symbol of the UK, not much Monzo can do to change that. I mean, I don’t like our prime minister, but he still gets to represent the country.


That’s an unfortunate error on the end users part. The flag designates the accounts country, its not political, and there’s no reason anyone should consider there to be. There’s no separate Scottish tax office or rUK office, there’s only the HMRC, not to mention the flag doesn’t designate tax either, nor are there Scottish or English banks, they’re all UK banks.


I don’t think this is the case. Companies/banks registered in Scotland are distinctly Scottish, whereas those registered in England or Wales are distinctly English&Wales entities. The rules may be the same (I guess).

That’s no bearing on how they operate (with the only minor exception of banks notes for three banks that operate out of Scotland). They’re all UK banks, where a company decides to operate out of to serve their customers doesn’t change what they are, and the needless segregation made to try and identify things are purely Scottish or purely English has no bearing on the actual reality of it, just like politics, it’s used these days to try and divide people.

NatWest serves primarily England and Wales, Ulster Bank serves Ireland, RBS serves Scotland, Coutts serves private banking. We’re not saying these are all Scottish banks? Of course not. They’re a UK bank serving their various local markets with their group headquarters in Edinburgh.

That’s the great thing about the union flag, it already contains a saltire :smile:


Oh dear.

Thanks for the lesson in legalese, I’m well aware of how these things work.

My statement stands, where YOU like it or not, some people don’t like see one flag used to represent them, regardless of how that came about and whether it’s legally right or wrong.

Like many things in life, eh.

That is not true. Some taxes in Scotland are devolved, and are the responsibility of Revenue Scotland. Income tax is not devolved, but the bands and rates for Scottish residents are set by the Scottish Parliament (but collected by HMRC). However, this is all fairly irrelevant, because as you say the flag doesn’t designate tax, it designates which country the bank accounts are regulated in, which is at the UK level (i.e. FCA) for UK Monzo accounts. Where a bank’s group head office is located is irrelevant. Santander UK is a UK-regulated bank, regardless of the fact that the group is based in Spain.

Agreed, and I don’t see that the :uk: represents me, but that’s not what it is doing in the Monzo account selector. It is representing the country that the accounts are based in, for which it is accurate.


Agree 100% it is accurate that the union jack represents the u.k and for u.k accounts this makes sense.

Let me give my own reason for why i wouldnt want a union jack personally to signify my uk account.

Here in northern ireland flags are literally put on lamp posts and used to divide communities as either nationalist or unionist as a statement to say if youre not from that community youre not welcome. This is thankfully becoming less and less the case but its something that still exists throughout areas in northern ireland.

Only a few years ago there was massive uproar when the city hall decided to stop flying the union jack flag all year round and instead fly it on designated days throughout the year. The union jack is a polarising thing just like brexit.

Surely a simple image with UK would do the same job but not cause as much issues. Why cause unnecessary annoyance?