Spending Costa points

Hello all,

I have 315 Costa points now. How do I spend these? Can’t find anything on the Costa website.


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I don’t know about online but I build my points up for a free coffee and redeem it when I go in.

I don’t mean online, I mean in the store. Not sure how to do it lol :confused:

Does it automatically do it when I scan the app?

Just scan your card or app and tell them you want to redeem whatever is on there.

Okay, thanks. So if I say I don’t want to redeem whats on there they won’t? If I want to save the points.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have a card or a digital card just scan that next time you’re in store and say you would like to use the points for a drink otherwise you’ll just redeem more points.


Yeah the points will just build and build until you tell them you want to redeem. If you have enough for a free coffee or something they might say you’ve got enough to have this for free do you want to use it but you don’t have to.


Awesome, thanks for the help!

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It’s also good to know you can use it at express machines as well too :slight_smile: so if you ever go into a petrol station or Tesco’s and want to grab one there you can claim points at those.

Thanks. For some reason I thought it would be overcomplicated but I guess I was just being stupid!

Oh never that it’s really straight forward once you get into a flow of using it :slight_smile: and the points build up relatively quick as well so enjoy.

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Yep, seems like its quite a generous loyalty scheme. Felt nice getting a ‘free’ coffee today :grinning:


Indeed it’s a nice scheme and always feels good getting a free drink once in a blue moon :blush::ok_hand:t4:

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If you have a lot of points, Costa will usually ask if you want to spend them (speaking as someone with £20+ worth of points)

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