The NoCoffee Pot! ☕️

(Richard Cook) #1

I just saw this idea on Twitter, and think it’s brilliant.

I’m very aware that a lot of my spending comes from takeaway coffees, especially in the mornings on my way to work. So I might give this a go, cutting out caffeine from my commute and just having a nice cup of tea in the office instead.

What about you? Could you give up something small and put the money aside instead?


That’s some very fancy coffee though… £5 for a cappuccino :grimacing:

I would propose to get a £2.50 Cap and put £2.50 in the saving pot. Best of both worlds :smile:

(Jonathon) #3

I think putting your normal amount away is good - but then I spend 49p a day only, so not quite £5!

(Andrew Turner) #4

It’s a great idea to put a little money away for the little thing you could do without sometimes :coffee:. Well done well that’s £5 in the :bank: how much do you think you could save?

(Jack Donovan) #5

I would never spend £5 on a coffee :hushed:

And I never step foot in Costa Fortune

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #6

Nor me. I get into a lather at £5 a pint. :beer:

Something else :heart_eyes:


ha ha. I stopped buying pints when they went over £1

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #8

Although it was written in the context of saving for a mortgage deposit, this article tackles the coffee habit, and how much it costs the writer:

(Jack Donovan) #9

There’s a pub next to me that is £4.80 a pint. For Tewksbury prices, it’s pretty high :joy:

Hey, who knew. Didn’t take long for us to find some things :heart_eyes:

(Richard Cook) #10

You will never get me to give up my avocados :avocado:

(Rob) #11

I save £2.50 every morning by stopping going to coffee shops. All i had to do was spend £360 on a fancy Nespresso machine where the pods cost 25p each and i need 2 pods each time. So that’s £2 saving a day, only need 180 days to break even on my investment lol

(Mat) #12

I set up a commute savings pot at the start of the year - every time I cycle to work instead of taking the tube, I put £6 in the pot (payg tube fare is £5.80 per day, so I’m giving myself a little bonus too).
So far this year I’ve saved £258, so it’s looking good for a new bike for myself at xmas :wink:

(Frank) #13

How about if the transaction is from a coffee shop then the same amount goes into a pot. So you buy one for £2.80 then the same is put into a Coffee pot. You could soon realise how much you are wasting (not in my eyes though :joy:) on coffee.

(Frank) #14

I did this. But then running late still buy one at work :frowning:️ I need to be more committed to making one at home and taking it in.

:thinking: maybe every time I make a Nespresso I put £2 into a pot. That could work.

(Ben Green) #15
saveTheCoffee = () => {
  let coffees = today.transactions.filter(
     transaction =>'Starbucks')

  return ( coffees.length > 0 ) ? 0 : 5;