Competitor Update 2

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ducks down from the parapet …arghhhhhhhh…

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Looks like I’ll be using Starling for the near future at the very least then.

I prefer the Monzo UI, but Android Pay is an absolute killer feature. If Starling let me edit the info for companies then it would be ideal as there are far too many ugly entries at present.

Starling Feedback
Contactless vs Oyster
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Starling Feedback
Starling Feedback
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i’ve just added my starling card to android pay and it was a doddle, no issue’s.

Contactless vs Oyster
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Wow, real time spending alerts! :joy:

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I just posted almost the same the same thing over at Starling :slight_smile:

Shows legacy institutions are waking up though.

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Be interesting to see how many more legacy banks will follow.

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Just used my American Express card for the first time since that update and switching it on.

It didn’t work. Didn’t get a notification.

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That title makes that sounds like big news for consumers but according to [paywall :scream:] the WSJ -

Square’s consumer-facing initiatives, including its digital money-transfer service, Square Cash, and its recently launched installment-loan business, would remain separate from the bank.

& they’re focusing on

offer[ing] loans and deposit accounts to small businesses.

for now anyway :sweat_smile:

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Yup same here, I was getting all excited until I paid then nothing happened, it definitely works when you do Apple Pay payments but not card payments :confused:


Dutch bank ‘bunq’ are currently the target of a large DDOS attack (over 15gb/s)


Curious to know if this affects their ability to process card payments (I assume they’ve got a direct, non-internet link to MasterCard but I might be wrong).


card transactions seem OK but unable to access app

(Bob) #222

I just checked my Bunq app… seems fine now.

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Following on from Marta’s post - this time last year, Monzo had 40k users which is probably about the same number as Starling has now.

Which obviously means that they’re a year behind Monzo, in terms of users, unless they can grow faster.

But in a year’s time, if Monzo can gain 10x as many users again, it’ll have ~4m while Starling will have ~400k. Then the following year it’ll have ~40m while Starling will have ~4m & so on..

So you can see why signing up these users early could end up being pretty significant, in the distant future when Monzo are actually competing with Starling for users. And in the meantime, it’s probably at least going to help Monzo get more of the attention from the press, from providers who’ll be offering their services via the marketplace & from developers who’re building apps etc. :slightly_smiling_face:

Starling Feedback
(Simon Porter) #224

Just got an app update from Starling. They have launched their Marketplace. Flux, the digital receipt solution, is their first integration available.

Impressed with the speed Starling are moving on this.