Tally up feature

Sometimes you need to work out the sum of a number of transactions in the app. Like when coming back from a holiday.

It would be cool if you could select/highlight multiple transactions in the app and it could tally up and give you a running total, which you could then withdraw from a pot or send a split bill to someone.


Your phone has a calculator built in.

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I really like this idea. To extend it slightly, I’ve love to change the category of multiple transactions, or add notes to a group, or select a few to add to a shared tab.

Why build a calculator app on phones? People have calculators.

Why buy a calculator, you have fingers.


Let’s build a phone into the app too so that you can call Dominos again to make another order.


Normally I’d agree with @Revels’s point of view; some people on here want Monzo to do everything for them

“Monzo it’d be really good if you could make it so that I can’t buy pizza every evening, but also know when I want to buy pizza and let me”

But here I think this could be a simple feature, maybe tie it up with a multiple edit categories feature, select a number of transactions to place everything into one category, but display the selected total at the same time.


One thing about this - @Phew76 are you on android?

Because on iOS the search is quite powerful and to an extent allows you to do most of this already. I agree it would be useful.

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