Requesting payments calculator and itemised option

An idea to improve requesting money for Monzo users:

Offer a calculator on the request page, so that if reading of a receipt for example, you don’t need to leave the app.

And an option to add an itemised option, so if you have multiple things to request, e.g. a receipt again, you can add product name and price; so the other party knows exactly what is being requested for.

On the calculator bit, I’m not sure I see the benefit. Most if not all phones have a calculator or a calculator app. You can just flip to the app and back to Monzo.

Maybe I’m missing something here?

Yeah not too sure on the calculator part either for the same reasons as above. It would make it a bit messy.

As for your second part, you’d essentially like to see notes?

Flux offer digital receipts for some transactions. Hopefully as they continue to expand they will cover more companies and then Monzo can look at being able to select individual items from a transaction to split bill with :slight_smile: