Quick Total Sum

(Theo Gregory) #1

What would be pretty nifty is a way of quickly finding the sum of a selection of spends, without the need to switch between Monzo and a calculator app.

For instance, maybe you could press and hold a transaction, and then you could be in Sum mode with a small bar popped up above the nav bar (or on top of it) which shows a running total. In sum mode you could tap other transactions to add them to the total without going into the transaction’s details page.

Would be very useful for me when totting up expenses I need to reclaim, and also to quicker disgust myself at how much I spent on a night out that contained a range of clubs and fast food joints :beers:

Multi-select categorisation

I think that is a great idea.
I bought a car last year, and recently i wanted to know how much I spent on the car (petrol, repairs,…), most of it was under the Transport category, but no way to get the sum.

(Michael Crilly) #3

I would love this feature. If the person who you want to reclaim the total from is on Monzo, perhaps you could go straight from the “total sum” to sending them a request for payment.

(Theo Gregory) #4

Yeh definitely, that’d be neat

(Freddie) #5

I like this idea, and being able to press and hold a transaction to enable picking multiple at the same time could have other valuable use cases too.

For example, sometimes I want to mark a large number of transactions as ‘expenses’, so being able to pick many and then change the category en-masse would save a nice amount of clicks. Another would be to select multiple transactions at once to then request money on all of them (via Monzo.me etc), so instead of the recipient getting many links to pay for separate items (or me adding it up and requesting it manually), they can get an itemised request and pay it in one go.

(Theo Gregory) #6

Exactly all this, would be golden :ok_hand: