Future direct debit/standing order daily total

It would be great to be able to see at a glance the sum of the future debuts due to be taken from your account. For example I have several DD to be taken ‘3 days from now’ but next to that heading the values aren’t totalled like they are for the current day or historical days. Seems like a like an easy one to implement!

Hi. This has been mentioned quite a few times

Has @revels given up the Make Calculators Great Again campaign? :eyes:

PS I think this is an excellent idea and should be a thing.

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You’d have an aneurysm if I replied with a common sense approach to every request.

The tally idea and this are totally different. One is sensible, one is never going to happen.

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I mean, a calculator is a good workaround, but I’m still mildly baffled why folk shouldn’t suggest improvements, but there you go!


People can suggest whatever they want, that’s the idea. But people expect super niche things to appear in the app because it has 4 votes.

This idea should exist.

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