Calculator for transactions

Just wondering if you can put a feature in which adds up transactions. Sick of having to come in and out of the app to add things up when on my phone.

Que people saying just use your brain lol… I’m lazy

But if it was on a different tab you’d surely still have to go back and forth?

It says how much you spent in a day, if you click on the company or person it’ll say total sent - if that’s what you meant

Like selecting a bunch of transactions and it would display a sum of those transactions?

Yes, I can see the use case, but I doubt they’ll do this any time soon.

As you’ve created the topic, maybe vote for it, too.

That’s exactly what I mean

I don’t need a calculator in app, but I’m curious as to why you need to frequently add up transactions. Is it to split the cost with someone else? or a work expenses thing?