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I use tags for travel. So when I went to Istanbul, every related cost was tagged #istanbul0518 (0518 means May 2018). That lets me search for #istanbul0518 and get a total for all spending when I was there, plus stuff like flights which I purchased in the UK in GBP.

Anyway, when I go into a purchase detail and click on the hyperlinked tag, it breaks up #istanbul0518 into two searches!


I think this might be a bug with the iOS app’s search function. It works fine for me on Android.


Also, it would be great to tag incoming funds. A friend repaid me for some of the holiday expenses, but I can’t tag that, so my total is wrong.

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Bear in mind if you now use Istanbul in any other tag this will show up too. In other words if you go again and tag #istanbul1218 (December) then when you search for #istanbul1212, your tags for #istanbul0518 will come up too - rendering it a bit useless.

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And bank transfers.


It works fine if the search works :wink: #istanbul0518 is a different search term to #istanbul1218

There is a workaround: type the search term but don’t press enter. That way it doesn’t break up the search term into #istanbul and 518

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Tags don’t work that way (or if this has changed since launch). I made the point that #dinner and #dinnerout were different but when I searched for them, both showed up.


Sure, but #istanbul0518 will only ever bring up items related to the May 2018 trip to Istanbul.

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Either they have altered how it searches or it’s only on Android, but previously tags were not unique in their own right - so #dinner and #dinnerout were considered the same and not different.

If they have changed this, great.


Maybe I’m explaining this really badly :slight_smile:️ You’re right - #dinner will bring up #dinner and #dinnerout. Likewise, #istanbul will bring up #istanbul0518 and #istanbul1218 and #istanbul. But #istanbul0518 will not bring up #istanbul1218.


So here’s a thing:

#istanbul0518 breaks in search into two search terms:

But #croatia0718 works perfectly and brings up all tagged transactions.

Any idea why?

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