Tags not working as expected

I use tags for travel. So when I went to Istanbul, every related cost was tagged #istanbul0518 (0518 means May 2018). That lets me search for #istanbul0518 and get a total for all spending when I was there, plus stuff like flights which I purchased in the UK in GBP.

Anyway, when I go into a purchase detail and click on the hyperlinked tag, it breaks up #istanbul0518 into two searches!


I think this might be a bug with the iOS app’s search function. It works fine for me on Android.


Also, it would be great to tag incoming funds. A friend repaid me for some of the holiday expenses, but I can’t tag that, so my total is wrong.

Bear in mind if you now use Istanbul in any other tag this will show up too. In other words if you go again and tag #istanbul1218 (December) then when you search for #istanbul1212, your tags for #istanbul0518 will come up too - rendering it a bit useless.

And bank transfers.

It works fine if the search works :wink: #istanbul0518 is a different search term to #istanbul1218

There is a workaround: type the search term but don’t press enter. That way it doesn’t break up the search term into #istanbul and 518

Tags don’t work that way (or if this has changed since launch). I made the point that #dinner and #dinnerout were different but when I searched for them, both showed up.

Sure, but #istanbul0518 will only ever bring up items related to the May 2018 trip to Istanbul.

Either they have altered how it searches or it’s only on Android, but previously tags were not unique in their own right - so #dinner and #dinnerout were considered the same and not different.

If they have changed this, great.

Maybe I’m explaining this really badly :slight_smile:️ You’re right - #dinner will bring up #dinner and #dinnerout. Likewise, #istanbul will bring up #istanbul0518 and #istanbul1218 and #istanbul. But #istanbul0518 will not bring up #istanbul1218.

So here’s a thing:

#istanbul0518 breaks in search into two search terms:

But #croatia0718 works perfectly and brings up all tagged transactions.

Any idea why?image

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