Tags on flex transactions not working

Issue: Flex tags don’t work.

Details to reproduce: tag a flex transaction with a tag (text at the bottom of the note screen for flex transaction encourages their tagging to create new searchable categories for yourself), tag a transaction from main account with same tag. Search for that tag or click the tag from the main account transaction, only the main account transaction is searchable and shows up for that tag.

I’ve two flex transactions for that tag, one fully paid back and one recent with no repayments; so it’s not like these will start appearing as they’re paid back.

OS: Android 13
Device: Pixel 6
App Version: 5.40.0


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Completely agree. This just doesn’t work. You can’t specifically search flex transactions anywhere and the main search doesn’t include any #'s you add to flex transactions.

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You can’t search tags on Flex transactions. I don’t understand why but it’s how it is.

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Flex search world on iOS

These are main account “Flex” transactions though, Flex transactions are not searchable.

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That’s not what they are asking though.

Tags don’t work on Flex, at all.

Searching for transactions incidentally also doesn’t work on Flex, only the Flex payments made back to the card which have any transactions having payments made back in the notes.


Exactly. The bottom of the screen for adding a note in a flex transaction/purchase literally says to use the # to create a searchable category. This doesn’t work and any generic search shows no individual flex purchases

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Yep it just means the add a note section is currently pointless. Search results just don’t pull through Flex transactions you’ve added notes to. Flex doesn’t have its own search section.

When you search for any notes you’ve added it only searches the notes you’ve added to Monzo Current Account transactions.


I think the payment type must be excluded from the search, in the same way it’s excluded from any statements and only cares about you paying it back.

Even if ignore tags, I can search for the merchant and it still doesn’t show up. The only way to find it is to scroll back.

Yeah that’s what we are saying, surely that’s a bug. Why would some purchases or transactions not be searchable? And what would then be the point of the #tags we’re advised to use to make these searchable?


Literally just created a community account to report this as feedback.

Its going to make my accounting this quarter unnecessarily complex as I didn’t realise it would behave this way.

They really need to get back to finishing the new UI :slightly_frowning_face: