Search function on flex

Search on flex

Hi everyone, firstly I will begin by saying I’m a massive fan of flex. I think it’s a truly awesome and innovative way of financing items. Not sure if I’m being stupid, but there doesn’t seem to be any search function for searching current or previous flex transactions

All Flex transactions are listed within your Flex account or search for Flex and you can use the usual search

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Awesome thanks for that I still think it would be nice to search completed transactions so you can see the total price

Does this now still work with the new layout and with Flex living on the home screen?

I don’t see any ‘Flex’ tag like on the screenshot.

This is on the new layout

I think it isn’t yet available on Android. Requesting another pair of android eyes here.

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:eyes: :disappointed: :android:

Another pair of eyes confirms no Flex search on Android.

In fact, search overall is sub-par on Android.