Get tags working in monzo flex and external accounts (monzo plus)

Tags don’t work with monzo flex or with external accounts, i thought i was using it wrong until i used it on transactions using my monzo debit. I might understand why it doesn’t work on external accounts since the data is synced and you need to add additional metadata on it, but i presumed flex should have the same functionality as monzo debit.

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You can’t add tags to the actual transaction with Flex, but Monzo doesn’t really consider that a payment as nothing leaves your account.

You would need to add tags to each payment you make.

yeah but that makes tags useless if you only spend using credit cards, for me tags are a feature to analyse spending, it doesn’t matter to me when money actually leaves my account.

for example flex retroactively adds the flex payment into each category when i pay my flex balance every month. i wish i can have a similar feature for tags.

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