Notes and #tags Field Location


The “Notes and #tags” field has been pushed down the page, so I now need to scroll past the following sections to be able to add a note (which I OCD do on every transaction):

Share the Cost

Flex It


Can it be moved back up to the top, please?


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This appears to be a change as part of the new look app and was mentioned a while back here:

I think it’s unlikely to be reverted.

The comments from others seems like it isn’t used as much as the other features that now come above it - and one would assume they crunched some data to confirm this at Monzos end before making the change.

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I find it weird that this change only seems to have been done on iOS. I’m on Android (beta app) and the notes and tags option is still at the top for me.

This is driving my muscle memory up the wall.

The amount of times I’ve started to Flex something…

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