T shirt time! πŸ‘€ πŸ•‘ Send us your designs!

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There’s some nice designs but I hope you’re all reading the part of the document stating " ON β€˜X’ COLOR T-SHIRT YOU MAY ONLY USE X And Y colors." I see many have used whatever colors they wish meaning, they can’t be printed. Also how the design MUST contain the name Monzo, however not the logo.


Just having a play around…

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I’m about to be unavailable to work any further on this till next weekend therefore I’m going to submit my finished, unfinished design which is in suitable state.

My design is based around what Monzo is and how it connects banking through different devices, APIs and the connections it brings between people. The design I’ve chosen will work in a variety of colors, ranging from all one color, to a mix between the; Coral, Navy & White.

I also understand that currently Tablets and Desktops aren’t β€œSupported” however the idea was that the API is so open that anyone who wants to build upon the source could do so.

Should my design be chosen, It’d be nice to have another designer assist with cleaning the document up and working on the line work with more consistency & perhaps some better icon work.

  • Two Colors
  • Margin Safe
  • Monzo Name & Tag Line
  • UniSex Design
  • Vectored Design

Thanks for your time, feedback is welcome!
Please let me know if you have any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.


I really liked the 040004 legacy bank not found one but it appears to have been deleted :sob:

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I really like it. I think you’re right about iconography though personally (and I’m not a designer in anyway) I think I would have made the little icons the category icons from the app but I like the main detail of all the different connections

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Damn! You’re so right haha! I missed a good trick there :joy:


That looks very professional. One of the best, if not the best, so far.

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Excuse me! And what is wrong with Carol?? :eyes: :joy_cat:

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I never attached a design. Was kinda hoping someone would do the design part for me as I would be hopeless trying to realise it :frowning:️

More than happy to share the credit :joy:

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What about a sweatshirt?

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Um… No thanks. I have no words.

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Poor Will Wheaton and his futuristic 70s clothing


My entry below, using the Monzo name, logo, and icons for some of the important aspects of our bank… it’s a bank, we love it, super duper customer support folk, our payment cards, the timeline, the infinite possibilities of a new bank, payment card, PIN and fingerprint security, sharing information/splitting bills, mobile devices and the most important, our community.

The design would also work in reverse as navy on white.

Edit 12:27hrs on 15 Sep: Following the helpful ideas from @SheaLavington immediately below, I updated my entry a little. Consider it a community-led improvement. I don’t mind if that invalidates my entry, or only my previous version stands.

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I like the idea, not sure about the ones that are cut off at the edges, and the M icon could’ve been outlined to match the icons, I also wouldn’t want your named β€œsymbol/copyright” (bottom right) printed on my tshirt haha. Icons may also be too small to get good detail upon printing process, But good choice of icon pack. https://material.io/icons/. I had the idea of doing a repeat grid too but was only allowed to submit one design haha. :grinning: :+1:

Edit: Much better now haha


CW are my initials, not a copyright mark Β©. I like your suggested improvements though :smile:

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This is my concept I hope you like it!

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Nice simple design, but isn’t feasible in the printing process. You need to work with solid colours and not the alpha channel. Also, Maybe your design software is only in RGB? Your colors seem to be more hot pink than the hot coral.

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Thanks to everyone who submitted designs and left comments in this thread! There is some amazing work in here! We’ll update with a shortlist of our three favourites soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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I :star_struck: this one!

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This is excellent !!!