Snapshot history on account switch

About a year ago I switched my current account from HSBC. Part of the reason I was persuaded to switch to Monzo was the spending analysis tools but when I actually did the experience essentially collapsed because I lost the 30 years of data from my old account. HSBC gave me a dump of my data but without the tools it wasn’t useful. A way of snapshotting the historical data on account switch would give a much smoother customer experience.

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They can’t keep connected data if you close the account, so this seems like mission impossible when they don’t have the data to start with. Working out how people will export and import for all the various banks, and expecting customers to be able to do it, seems very unlikely.

If you hadn’t closed the account you could have connected it to trends and got exactly what you wanted.

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I didn’t ask to close the account, i went through the standard current account switch process which moves all your direct debits, standing orders and payments. I’m aware there are issues, and i know in the short term, nobody is going to fix this, but frankly that’s not my goal.

The point of the suggestion was to put on the record that overcoming thirty years of inertia and actually switching my account led to a worse customer experience. Perhaps, down the road, someone can use that fact to push for changes in the open API terms to allow for snapshots in this case.

Your banking data should belong to you, and I would like to see Monzo at the forefront developing an interbank standard for exporting and importing banking data into new bank accounts. Would take the vanilla ‘see your balance in another app’ Open Banking standard to the next level.

But it also closes your old account, it says so when you start the CASS process.

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