Switching from iOS to Android - features not available

(Mark) #1

Found an issue after switching from using Monzo on iOS to using it on Android.

I previously had a monthly spending warning set up on my iPhone, but I recently purchased some goods in USD and decided my Monzo card was the most convenient way to pay… the spike has caused a warning every time I spend money now. The obvious answer is to temporarily disable the budget warnings, but i’ve discovered budgeting is not a feature on Android! So Monzo keeps nagging me to slow down, but I can’t adjust my budget any further… likewise, I can’t adjust it if my budget changes.

I’m aware the feature is or will be available to Current Accounts, but I also use the monzo.me system a lot at the moment, and don’t want to switch until that’s available.


FYI - This is not available on Android even if you are on Current Account.

If you haven’t already, repeort this at in-app chat they might be able to turn if off manually on your account.
Monzo.me is available via Web-URL even if you are on current account. Monzo-to-Monzo payments are also available in-app.
Monzo-to-Monzo Payments Come to the Current Account!