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Hi everyone! Finally got round to converting to the current account yesterday, yay! However some obvious things are missing that all legacy banks have. Why is Monzo behind with this type of standard and expected features. Is it just me or are these not available at all with the current account?

  • Apple Pay - All major banks (excluding Barclays) supported Apple Pay on day 1 of launch. Why isn’t this available yet?

  • Overdrafts - Another standard feature of any current account but missing from the iOS version of Monzo? I don’t understand why a feature of my account would be tied to the device I use?

Sorry if the above sounds like a moan but these are fundamental things to expect on a current account and it doesn’t make sense Monzo claiming to be a ‘game changer’ type bank but yet don’t support these standard features from day one…


Both are planned, both have long threads here in the forum :+1:

Apple has a non-disclosure agreement, so not a lot can be announced really until it is ready… but it is being worked on.

As for overdrafts, there was a Preview announced and a very small test group were invited to try them out, but other than that they haven’t rolled out as yet. We are told they are coming soon, however. I has also been announced on the blog very recently that more and more customers will be invited to try them before the year is out.

Slowly open up overdrafts
We began testing on iOS a few months ago with very small numbers of people. The Monzo Android app now supports overdrafts, so we’ll be testing them with more and more people over the coming months.
To ensure we get overdrafts right, we want to take this slowly, so overdrafts won’t be available to everyone to start with. We’ll be in touch with people as we roll them out to let them know.

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Hi Ben. That is good news but I don’t understand why they are not here for day 1 when they are so obviously standard things to expect from any bank. Seems to be a missed opportunity and then causes disappointment a little.

Fingers crossed these come soon so I can plan a migration to the new account :slight_smile:


I have edited my post above to add a bit more details, sorry about that, I couldn’t find the links quick enough.

The main reason why they aren’t here from day one is the two apps becoming one. Monzo had the Prepaid card model to gain a customer base and build a fantastic app, and if they were to add Apple Pay to that app it would need to be built twice as it’s not an easy migration from one app to the other.

As for overdrafts, it’s in Monzo’s best interest to get these out as soon as possible as it will be one of the key ways they can start making some money. It looks like more customers will be invited to the Overdrafts by the end of the year according to the latest blog post (linked above).

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Hi Jamie,

Im totally with you on the features that need to be added in, but you need to realise that Monzo has only just launched things. They need time to figure out how everything works together so im sure once the bugs are ironed out theyll release apple pay and overdrafts.


Just thank yourself you don’t use the android app… :smiley:


I agree. Things like payment reference numbers and showing direct debit references should be so easy and so basic for a bank account but instead there’s focus on POTS and other non essential updates.


American Express, Ulster Bank, Nationwide, NatWest, Santander, MBNA and RBS supported Apple Pay on day one of launch in July 2015.

HSBC and its internet-only bank First Direct were initially launch partners, but their launch date was delayed slightly until 28/07/15.

Bank of Scotland, TSB, Halifax, Lloyds Bank and M&S Bank were introduced later in the autumn of 2015.

I thank myself that I don’t use Android. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Bugger, just remembered my work phone is Android and it’s terrible.

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Don’t forget MetroBank and Co-Op took ages to launch Apple Pay, was circa April 2016 I think


Judging by @simonb’s Twitter, testing overdrafts is going well…

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Smile bank has just introduced Android pay in the last month.

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prob a good idea to get facts straight and do a search before asking :roll_eyes:

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