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I’m looking to switch from my main account (Starling) to Monzo ( I have a long list of reasons why :blush:)

However there are two features that I do like about Starling, these may already exist within Monzo but I’m not aware of them from what I can gather.

There are two options within the Starling card management area:

1) Online payments. - from what I gather this allows you to disable at will online payments. This seems very useful should you be subject to a fraud

2) Location Based Fraud Protection - This appears to use your phone location again to prevent unauthorised use.

I feel these are both really good features, and it would be great to see them implemented.

Please correct me if I am wrong and both of these are already available but I can’t seem to find the option to switch these on and off.

It could well be that 2) is already active in the background.



Location Based security is already a feature, although I’m not familiar with how it works exactly.

As for blocking online purchases, this is not an option at the moment and I haven’t heard any plans for it.

If you ever notice a transaction that you did not make you can instantly click on it and chat with support and advise them that it was not you and your card details have been compromised and they will refund you and issue you a new card. While your new card is on the way (1-2 days) you can still use Apple or android pay.

If you had an ongoing subscription using your card details like Netflix or Spotify surely you’d have to remember to turn online transactions back on before these payments came out?

Is there any particular reason you are especially worried about fraud online?

Thanks for the quick reply, it would be interesting to know more about the location-based security feature and how it works, but Monzo may not wish this to be public knowledge.

Is there any particular reason you are especially worried about fraud online?

Not really, I’m just quite a security conscious person and like the idea of being able to control the security features on my card.


This feature is only available on iOS.

This feature hasn’t been built yet, but you can vote to register your interest so hopefully Monzo build it in the future here:

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Starling’s implementation lets already authorised CPA subscriptions through even if your card is frozen for “Online Payments”: