Switch away declined by Monzo

I’ve opened a Nationwide Flexdirect current account and applied to switch my Monzo account to it. Monzo have rejected it. I rang CS but was told to use online chat which I have but not had a response at all. Some of the worst customer service I’ve ever had.

Do you have an overdraft, loan or joint account with Monzo?

I have a linked joint account yes

And you’re switching your personal account? That’s probably the issue (no guarantees, of course - confirm on online chat, when they eventually reply).

You can’t have a JA without a PA, and if your PA closes, they can’t unilaterally close your JA (because someone else is involved).

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Brilliant thanks for that. I’ll close the joint account first now😀


If that is right then I’m starting to wonder how the hell they’ve designed this bank?

I have no problem moving my personal account away from RBS but maintaining a joint account there.

You’d think they’d perfect the basics first.


If that is the case it leaves one wondering how Monzo has been designed? This is a normal, basic and not unusual request.

I’ve had no issue CASSing my personal RBS account to another bank whilst leaving my joint account with RBS.

It makes one wonder whether these sorts of scenarios have been thought through, if what you propose is correct and it’s not due to some unrelated reason?

The unusual rules have been around since Monzo joint accounts were “invented” so there’s nothing to wonder about really. Other then the reasons for them, obviously.

I think I’m well past the point where I’m wondering.

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The whole point of the joint account as far as I understand is this is an extra account after you have a personal account.
I know when I signed up at first it was quite clear you both had to have a personal account in order to have a joint account.
It’s the way it is set up - as far as I am aware Starling are the same.
I’m not too technical but they work off your mobile number and email.


Practically speaking, you should speak to Nationwide - they will have been sent the rejection codes so should easily be able to tell you what the reason for rejection was.

Good luck with Nationwide customer service if you think Monzo is bad, though!

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