Sweep to a savings pot?

Wow! That big list is coming and it’s really impressive! Interest on savings!

Well, could we get a savings pot set up that pays interest?
Could we then have the option to sweep our remaining balance over at the end of the month- something like coin jar?

I’m all for saving for the hard of thinking! :wink:


I love the idea of an end of week/fortnight/month/however else people get paid sweep


If I remember correctly, on the blog post they did mention an option coming soon that allows a pot to be created where interest would be applied to it…

Quote from the post:
We don’t pay interest on your main balance and don’t plan to start — for most people, it only adds up to a few pennies and isn’t worth worrying about. However for people with money in Pots, it seems weird there isn’t any interest paid there. Within the next 3 months, we’ll let you create a Pot that’ll pay a competitive rate of interest. More details nearer the time!

On the sneak peeks for iOS too there is a rules for pots option coming soon thay could in theory be used for your purpose of: if balance is positive *ignore overdraft, then move to X pot.

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I’ve seen this pot sweep idea a couple of times in the pots suggestion/ feedback threads, so it’s definitely a highly-requested feature. Hopefully we get more rules for Pots soon!

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I know I’m late but this is coming :soon:

Pots will soon allow sweeping / round ups for any Pot & you’ll be able to earn interest from some Pots.


Interesting times ahead, can’t wait!

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Apparently its a couple of months out

This looks really impressive! I would just like to ask for custom images as backgrounds. I feel more emotionally invested in something that I can visualise.