Suspect App Store Reviews

Just had a look on the App Store out of curiosity to see reviews for Mondo - expecting to see 5 orange filled stars. However, it’s currently rated 3/5 which not only is in conflict with my own experience but that of this forum.

Sour apples from other banks?

One query though - is the 3% markup on foreign transactions true?

Clearly one of those third party companies that are paid to leave negative comments*



This looks more like ignorance to me, not reading the full description or checking out what it is for now and where it’s headed…

Not sure about the 3% charge as I don’t have a card yet! Still in the queue.



Proving how powerful reviews are - it gave me an element of doubt about foreign transactions. I think it’s unlikely to be true as transactions I’ve made abroad settled largely on par a with XE rates.

Definitely no 3% markup fee :frowning:

Unfortunately app reviews seems to be a pretty harsh arena—we don’t ask in app for reviews because that’s normally pretty annoying as a user but it hits us at times like this. However, often we do get nice bursts of reviews :slight_smile:

Nice users could always vote up good reviews and leave their own…


I don’t ever look at reviews for apps before I download them as I know they can be manipulated, I prefer to find out for myself.

If the app is bad then I will have a look and let rip also :joy:

As a side note if you use iTunes (I know, I know…) then you can click a review username and see all that users reviews for other apps, which is quite good to see if they are fake or maybe work for a competitor!

For example MattKennedy looks legit judging by the other reviews

Just saw the latest review “you download the app and it puts you in a queue of 80,000 people. Pointless”

Clearly someone didn’t do their research into what Mondo is and just found the app on the App Store…


As with many reviews on app stores they show a lack of basic understanding and knowledge of the apps function.

However I do understand the concerns about the £100 the first I heard about having to load that was when I got to the front of the queue, despite my research first. It was until I got to this forum and saw the roadmap that I felt confident enough to blindly load £100 and not immediately have anything to show for it.


Just submitted a review of my own praising Mondo and explaining some of the things that people have been writing negative reviews for. (It genuinely irritated me, hate seeing people criticise something they know nothing about!)


Good idea, but the sort of person who doesn’t read up on what Mondo is will also be the sort of person who won’t read reviews.

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I was just about to write a review - however Apple block reviews written on iOS10! :frowning:

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Yeah they did that from iOS9 I think as too many idiots were moaning about apps breaking lol

I hate the reviews now anyway as they are never in order and if you select all versions it’s just as bad.

I want to see in date order newest first.

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It is worth noting that other than the mention of the £3 fee, none of those reviewers are really incorrect. Most of us would disagree with them being problems, but the facts raised do remain true.

Especially around the waiting list thing, it does absolutely suck as a new user without context or social proof. I am not surprised it has attracted upset reviewers.


It’s true that App Store reviews generally suck and, to echo @billinghamj, none of them are really wrong.

Perhaps to counter this, Mondo could consider placing a review link somewhere out of the way inside the app. Much like Overcast does by hiding it in the settings view near the bottom with a count of how many people have reviewed this version and a small note stating that the app will never prompt you for ratings.

On that, please just never prompt for ratings. I’ve simply deleted apps just for doing that more than once and even once sours my opinion of it (same with push notification marketing/abuse).

You’re not seeing a sort option?

That only appears on iPad and not iPhone App Store. You can also get it on iTunes App Store on MacOS

Ah, ok. Hadn’t realised that - I’ve only put iOS 10 on my iPad, don’t want to risk it on my iPhone just yet.

Just noticed the reviews for the current version are somewhat dissappointing due to the temporary issue when you changed payment processing so have left you a positive one :smile:

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