Please review the Android app in the Play Store! 😍

(Tristan Thomas) #1

Hello beautiful people! If you use our Android app and like it, we’d really love a nice review on the Play Store page :smiley:

For some context, the rating according to Google is currently 3.518 (approximately :wink: ) and since we launched the full app, has been steadily increasing:

But some bad reviews when we launched from people surprised at the £100 top up and people annoyed that the app wasn’t ready yet are still keeping the rating lower than I think it should be (although I’m always going to say that unless it’s :star::star::star::star::star:!) So if you have 2 minutes and like Monzo, we’d really appreciate a review. No pressure though!

(If you’re on the beta channel, you’ll need to leave to leave a review I’m afraid :frowning: You can always rejoin immediately after though!)

Thanks all! Have a great day :smiley:

(Josh Bray) #2

Already written a review. It deserves so much better

(Andy Little) #3

I’m seeing “Enter feedback about the app, only the developer can see this” instead of being able to rate. Presumably because I’m on the beta channel, anyone else got this?

(Chris Rimell) #4

@Andy1 I also get this and am on Beta. When I open the play store on my laptop it says that I can leave a review but only via the app on the device, but when I try I only get the option to send feedback to the developer. Not helpful :wink:

(Tristan Thomas) #5

Thanks Josh! Andy and Chris, you’ll need to leave the beta channel to leave a review I’m afraid :frowning: You can always rejoin immediately after though :stuck_out_tongue:

(Oliver Ford) #6

I left a bad review when the app was first available, counted those in front in the queue, but was merely a “yay, front of queue” splash when you thought you’d finished waiting.

I think it was an absolutely horrible decision to publish the app in that state. With the queue would have been not-great, and still would have attracted some bad reviews for it, but to get to the front and still have to wait with this literally useless app on your phone was pretty ridiculous.

I love what you’re doing, and now that a real app does exist I’m happy to recommend it to everyone; I’ve deleted that bad rating I initially gave.

I still think it was a terrible idea though, and I’ll hold off on a glowing review until it’s a bit nearer the iOS counterpart - currently you install it expecting the snazzy things shown on the website; their absence conveniently hidden in the Play Store screenshots, and then find a MVP of an app - and I’m not sure how much less there is not on beta, either.

(Alex Sherwood) #7

I get why you’re frustrated - there’s a lot of potential but of course, it takes time to build.

You’re getting all of these updates within the next 3 months -

Spending breakdowns
Send Money
Pulse Graph
Top Ups from Android Pay
Crowdsourced Merchant Date Updates

now that there’s 3 developers working on the app :tada:

(Oliver Ford) #8

I’m not any more, not now that it actually exists instead of a seemingly arbitrary queue that led nowhere (which was the reason for my 1* review).

I’ll just be more comfortable giving it 5* when it behaves as user’s imagine coming from the landing page which shows things you just can’t do.

However much I love Monzo and where it’s going, I just don’t think I can give it even 4* on Android in good conscience until it has some more of the above.

I’m not even sure that you should want it to have a high rating yet: as it is, folks will scroll down to reviews and see why, and think “okay, it’s sparse, but it’s coming - I’m happy with that install”. If it were 4/5* that might go more like “install wah, what, none of the features I expected? uninstall”.


I agree. Yes I am a fan of Monzo, and yes the bank is a fantastic idea, but right now the android app is pretty pants, maybe worth one or two stars.

I’d also be worried about Monzo being a five star app, and then people being horribly disappointed by it. Right now it is in beta, and that really shows on android, there will be an awful lot of people potentially bad mouthing Monzo if it is “sold” as a finished product.

(Josh Bray) #10

You do know that there was an actual app behind that queue. It was very basic but worked. You had to either have a card from iOS or from a member of staff

(Oliver Ford) #11

I’m sure that was fantastic for the handful that that applied to.

The point is that the app was publicly listed (not a requirement on Android - it could have been provided to iOS users wanting to test by e.g. a download from these forums), showed functional screenshots, was full of hype from iOS mockups on the website, raised anticipation with the queue, and then dumped most people who made it to the front onto a functionless splash screen.

It may as well have been a GIF of the matrix text, with “you have been growth hacked” flashing in the foreground.

Anyway, I really don’t mean to sound bitter. I love it now I have it, am recommending it to everyone, and am excited to see it develop.

(Tristan Thomas) #12

Totally agree with lots of this :slight_smile: Please don’t feel like you have to leave a review if you don’t want to — totally up to you!

(Phil) #13

5 stars. Would buy again. :smiley:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #14

Loving the app so far, can’t wait for it to be as feature packed as its iOS counterpart :wink: I’m always looking forward to the next week’s app update! :smiley: Keep up the awesome work @tristan (Or whoever the Android devs are :joy:)

(David Lynn) #15

Glad you posted this, added my review and also jumped into the beta at the same time. Exciting. :smile: