Percentage into savings pot

I get paid a vastly different amount every month, so I can’t really commit to i.e. £200/month into savings pot.

What I’d like is 10% (or any other percentage) of incomings going into a savings pot. Percentages would work much better for me.

You could then choose where the 10% comes from, i.e. “All incomings” OR "From account xxx with the heading ‘PAY’ "


This would be cool - along with other rules like “transfer anything over a balance of £100 to this pot”.

I’m looking at you to deliver, 2019 :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :monzo:


This is something that could be done with IFTTT I imagine. Perhaps Monzo could support the community to implement mods in this way.

Downloaded IFTTT today. Pretty cool. But Monzo doesn’t have the ability to do percentages yet.

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For the amount that Monzo says they have integrate with IFTTT they really haven’t

There’s not many triggers on it…it’s strange because there seems to be some applets you can get for it with triggers which are not available to use. But they are not official monzo so not sure how. For example there is an applet where if something comes under ‘groceries’ it comes out of a certain pot but triggering by category is not an option? Has it been removed?

Yeah, its all very odd. Its almost like it they’ve gone in a bit half hearted. It would be nice to have the triggers and actions so the community can have the tools to build proper ones( I am more than happy to build them, if I had the right tools)
I don’t know about the applet you mentioned whether its been deleted or not

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The community can produce their own (from the triggers available). That’s how all mine work.

Do you do any IF function work i.e if current account has x in it then transfer y from POT to account etc.

But there are ones listed which have used triggers I can’t access. Like by category.

The ones Monzo have published can use other items that aren’t accessible to us, that’s true.

Balance isn’t an available ingredient.

That’s kind of my point(I’ve played around with IFTTT alot) and got to the point where it is
1)It would be nice if I could do this(example automated transfers) BUT I can’t as the triggers aren’t available.

As @feathers mentioned you can create your own. I haven’t been on there for a long time but if I remember correctly I think you should be able to setup the one for your salary.

You’d say whenever you receive payment from X, do the math calculation to work out the percentage (10 / 100) x {salary}) and move that to a pot.

This is done with ingredients :slight_smile:

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okay cool. I thought I was stuck with the triggers only. But ingredients are a bit deeper I see. I’ll have to figure out how to use these as it wasn’t immediately obvious, is it a bit more like programming?

EDIT: Looks like you can do some programming type stuff. I’m no good at programming really think I’ll pass on this one.

Yeah you need to know a bit of Javascript to do it.

There is an IFTTT support topic here, so you could ask and see if some kind person would create it for you :slight_smile:

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