Supporter Bundle Refund

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Just saw that I got a refund for my supporter bundle? I haven’t cancelled? Does anyone know why this is?

You should have received an email from Monzo.

Ohhh you’re in for a fun read :laughing: :speak_no_evil:


Went into my junk folder haha thanks guys

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If you would like some further detail, here is the announcement topic:

Thanks Jamie, I didn’t even look at the image til you’d pointed it out. Have removed it

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It’s not too much of an issue doesn’t really bother me I know not a lot can be done with acc no and sort code


Though with Monzo you’d get a notification when the DD was set up. So actually I’m not sure if that would still happen these days.

I work for a bank so i know I do :slight_smile: plus I’m not Jeremy clarkson nor do I store all my money in Monzo, maybe £10 maximum :slight_smile:

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Exactly who quotes articles from 2008 that aren’t relevant? And plus I could quote FCA legislation along with GDPR but I can’t be bothered wasting my tome and

These might help :slight_smile:

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There’s already a thread for Legacy Monzo Plus issues where this sort of thing should have been discussed and as we’ve drifted absurdly off topic I’m going to close this one down.