Supported Languages / Sign Language Structure?

(Philip) #1

I am curious as to what the supported languages are, specifically if there any one who understands British Sign Language structure when in text form. BSL is a language in it’s own right, with it’s own grammar and structure. So to say “What was the value of the charge?” is not the same in BSL “[the] charge value [was] what?”.

Why am I asking? Both of my parents are deaf, they can’t hear at all, so have never been able to learn to speak or hear in English. The way you sign is different, as there is a lot of expression in the way you sign something (akin to a tone of voice. You know something is a question from how it sounds), that is how deaf people think, in the same way we think in English.

Recently they got a new card from their bank, as many of their friend have done, they have returned it due to it having contactless. There was a lot of pessimism around contactless. Here is why they did it. If someone loses their card, they are expected to call the bank immediately and report this, to which the bank will freeze the card. I thought well Monzo is great for that, showed them the app, freeze in the app, instantly see random purchases, text chat for support.

As English isn’t their primary language, it makes it difficult to understand English, on top of text chat always being a little bit more difficult than it should be. So I am wondering if there is anyone in your staff who knows BSL, not neccessarily a supported language, burt someone that may be requested if there is an issue for this specific requirements. This is a bit different to other language support, as they would learn English if they could hear, and it is the official UK language for the deaf. In the end, fairly quick text support, is far better than a phone support (with banks shutting down locations all the time).


@simonb - can you help?

out of interest, what is their primary language?

(Philip) #3

out of interest, what is their primary language?

British Sign Language , they use it every day, and is how I communicate with them.

(Simon B) #4

I’m literally at the gate about to board a flight to California so afraid I’m unable to assist right now. Off the top of my head I don’t know of anyone. That said, we have over 200 employees now so it’s possible.

@tristan @Naji or @RichardR should be able to ask in our company channels whether anyone knows BSL.


Is your question, do Monzo staff know British Sign Language (through physical movement) or the written form of British Sign Language (which I believe is called SignWriting, but will happily be corrected)?

(Philip) #6

SignWriting is what im asking, as I haven’t seen, nor expect video call support. Also a video call isn’t a documented chat, but text with SignWriting is, which protects both parries.

(First time I’ve heard of the phrase too, thanks for that)


Would somewhere like this be a useful reference site?

(Philip) #8

Would somewhere like this7 be a useful reference site?

Wow looking at this, perhaps SignWriting is not what I was asking about.

I was simply curious as to if there was anyone on support staff who knew BSL, as to know BSL means you can type with English words in the BSL structure.


It’s a good question. Someone should come back soon with a definitive answer for you.