Supported devices

Does anyone know what the supported devices & OS policy is for the app? I couldn’t find a definitive answer.

Thanks in advance!

Hi! As far as I know it’s currently Android 5 or iOS 9

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iOS 9 is unsupported for the Current Account.


Hi Tiber!

For iOS : We support iOS 10 and above for the Current Account. You can use iOS 9 on prepaid for the moment, but we’ll be shuttering the prepaid programme within the next few months.

For Android : We support Android 5.0 and above, on devices with Google Play Services and the Google Play Store.

This means we don’t offer support for devices running heavily custom versions of Android that don’t use Google Play Services or the Google Play Store, such as the Kindle Fire tablets. Although it’s possible to side-load the APK file of the app on such devices, you won’t be able to get updates, and as we don’t officially provide the APK file, there are security risks to downloading it, should you find that someone has ripped and uploaded it to a file-sharing site.

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Installed Play Store on my Fire HD… Monzo runs very well :slight_smile:

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Fantastic! We’re glad to hear that, however we still don’t officially support this. Sideloading the Play Store onto unsupported devices means that keeping the Play Store itself and any dependencies it comes with up to date is your responsibility as the device itself won’t be able to do this. We also would not be looking at resolving any bugs that may occur as a result of modifications that Amazon have made to the OS.

Happy that it works, but just making sure we clarify where we stand on this matter :grinning:


Thanks all, appreciate the responses.

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