Support for Income on varying dates

Instead of being paid on a set date each month, I am paid on the wednesday of the last full week of the month. I agreee this is a terrible system but it makes it difficult to manage my money through the app as I vary from having 5 week to 4 week “months” Is there any chance support for a varied pay period, where I select specific start and end dates for my month or something similar could be added?

Hi. Welcome.

If you have a search this is something that is asked for frequently but as of yet, no news that it will ever be added.

Thats a shame, surely a topic that is frequently added should generate interest from the company?

This forum is a very small, unrepresentative, subset of all users.

Monzo have a very good idea of the dates people get paid and will make their decisions accordingly.

All you can do here is to vote and hope.