“£XX left for XX days”

Hi, is there any way this section of the app can be changed for those that are paid weekly / every two weeks / monthly to help with budgeting?

I have asked about this before and been told there are no plans to change it - but there are plenty of people in my position who aren’t paid monthly and so this is never an accurate reflection of how much we have left until next pay. I’m not a developer - but this seems like a very simple change and would be a big QOL improvement to the app for many.

You can have it set for every week, 4 weeks or month.

Anything more custom is “one day, maybe never” type scenario. By making another topic about it all you’ll do is split the votes, it’s better for Monzo to see it all together.

You can set it to weekly

Thanks for the reply, I wasn’t aware that it could be set to weekly (and to be honest can’t find it looking in the app) - but it’s still not much use to me as I’m paid every two weeks on a Friday. If they have options for weekly and monthly, then surely it’s not too much to ask to have an option for every 2 weeks on a custom date.

Just to clarify I haven’t asked about this on the forum before, it was a DM on Twitter.

Err… did someone forget weekly on that?

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