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(James) #1

It would be great if Monzo could link to my clubcard/loyalty cards to track spending and group into categories.
In terms of grocery shopping it could promote healthy spend and get more points for healthier options, you could target 100 points spend on healthy products. Maybe even, promote spending on items reduced to reduce waste.
All about that healthy and sustainable world, as well as tracking my daily spend.

(Tom Warren) #2

Hi James,

This is a great idea and has been on Monzo’s roadmap for a while. I’ve attached a link for you too :ok_hand:

(James) #3

Great news cheers Tom


Who pays for the bonus points for you buying healthy stuff? Monzo would have to pay Tesco for them.

Tesco already have their own current account too. They might prefer you use that rather than build a system Monzo can access.

(James) #5

My view was less actual Clubcard points but similar to monzos badge idea - healthy eating badge/waste saver badge. Maybe for now could just be based on type of place.
I’ve had a wider search on the group where people have identified itemised billing as something that could be loaded once you scan a receipt. I agree that it would be beneficial to support budget spend by tracking what you spend.


Would you really be motivated to eat healthier because​ your bank is giving you a badge for buying an apple? Also seems quite patronising for my bank to be telling me what I should or shouldn’t be buying.

(Tom Warren) #7

I’d think this would be more useful when the API is more developed, and other companies utilise this along with other companies electronic receipt solutions :slight_smile: all opt in of course

(James) #8

I get a badge for liking a comment currently…