Plans to break down spends into individual items?

Any plans to break down spends into individual items so you can see VAT?

I’m not sure this information is available to banks. The retailer would have to pass it.

Yes, we’d love to do that but for now we just don’t have all that information.

I dream with a future where stores ask you for an email to send the receipt so we could give you an email address as receipts+hugo@ where we scrap all the incoming emails and we put it together with your transactions and that kind of thing. But I’m afraid that’s still a bit sci-fi :rocket:

Yeah that is the ideal situation but would require a huge change in policies and processes across the uk.
It’s a pipe dream unfortunately

There are a number of retailers that email out receipts but agree that it would take a huge change across the whole retail community. Probably easier (but still huge) would be to allow us to somehow use the transaction evidence on our account as the receipt rather than issueing separate receipts.

Here’s a step closer to being able to scrape receipts :thumbsup:


What about OCR over receipts manually attached by the user?

Schuh stores already offer this. I’m not aware of any others.

In my experience, even though I’m the one typing it in, it’s still slower than printing a conventional paper receipt.

I dream of a future where every merchant has a working handheld scanner that’s capable of reading a QR code from our phones.

Minimal effort required and less time spent at the checkout which is better for both the shopper and the merchant.

I wish at some point we can extract that info without customer intervention at all. As in, you pay with your card and we have a mechanism for the merchant to send Monzo a “receipt”, so we can process that receipt and incorporate that directly in the feed. This kind of stuff sounds like sci-fi but it’s where having an open API will really shine :sunglasses:

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That’s the holy grail right there, but yes it’s sci-fi. I imagine more modern payment services like PayPal, iZettle, Square, etc will eventually integrate once Monzo begins world domination (or even better recognise the need for universal standard available to other digital receipt apps too), but even still they’re only a fraction of the POS compared to outdated systems.

Argos do for at least some purchases. There may be a price threshold and you have to pay at a till.