Superior Customer service should be expected from all banks?

Just got this unsolicited message from Monzo about my Monarch flight I booked - so glad to be a customer and an investor in a bank that goes to these lengths to help their customers - thanks Emma and Monzo IMG_2488IMG_2489IMG_2490IMG_2491IMG_2492


This is great to see. Can’t see most banks doing this!


Is ‘unsolicited’ the right word to use? I would say it’s not even in the scope of solicited/unsolicited, you bought a flight and now Monzo is helping out. It’s kinda the same when they notice fraud activity on your card, they will contact you. In this case, it’s not fraud, but similar scale of a problem.

I totally love this message, just the right wording. :blush:

The only worry is that so many companies go bust that it might be totally impossible to message about all of them, creating unrealistic expectations. :frowning: :cry:


I got this too, I also got a message saying that my card may have been compromised so a new one was on the way.

My current bank would have said FU on both occasions.

Monzo > Metro

I just got a message from my bank because their system had picked up that I had a Monarch flight and they went out of their way to offer assistance to me ? :slight_smile:

Well, ever since junk mail became a thing, unsolicited has rather negative meaning (at least for a foreigner). Dictionary lists following synonyms: uninvited, unsought, unasked for, unrequested, undemanded, uncalled for, not required, unprompted, unbidden, unwelcome :scream:, gratuitous, volunteered, voluntary, spontaneous

I kinda understood the rest, especially since you ended with ‘thanks’ :sweat_smile:, that this word wasn’t used in the ‘unwelcome’ sense. Since there’s no opt-in for “be extra nice and take care of me”, it was indeed unsolicited.

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lol - crikey

Definition of unsolicited in Oxford English Dictionary :


Not asked for; given or done voluntarily.

I didn’t ask for it , it was given by Monzo to me voluntarily - it was ‘unsolicited’ :slight_smile:

  • anyway I thought it was great customer service, even if you think I might have used the wrong word :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :cry:

This is great customer service! Well done Monzo.

I also read ‘unsolicited’ as a bad thing. I think it has become ubiquitous when referring to junk email, which is why.


That’s good to see (and I agree that it’s unsolicited despite the now usual negative connotations of the word :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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That is fantastic service from Monzo and just the thing that sets them apart from other banks.

I really don’t warm to Virgin Money but all credit to them for £75 goodwill gesture offer, just received today, due to their failure to ensure I was opted-out if marketing when I asked them back in 2016. I didn’t expect that.


A rare occasion where customer service has actually meant just that. Monzo seem far more switched on customer wise than almost every other bank and fair play to them for doing it.

If this continues as they scale up, then they’ll be fighting potential customers off with a stick! They’ll be a queue to join up, as people are absolutely sick to death with really p&€> poor customer ‘service’ from existing banks. Banks haven’t needed to bother offering any sort of real service as there was little in the way of competition, now there is they are worried!! Good on you Monzo.


I know this is really late but I just noticed the help Halifax had offered re: Monarch on the same day as Monzo’s advice. “If you’ve been affected by Monarch then go on their website”.

The gulf in class is unquantifiable. One is like getting a warm hug from your friends or family, the other is like asking a stranger for directions and getting a finger wag vaguely in the direction you might be asking about :worried:



In the future, I think extreme customer-centricity will be the baseline. Monzo is already built that way, the incumbents will have to catch up - and there are no guarantees that they will. Currently, incumbents have a distribution advantage, but mobile will eradicate that.

In short, the future looks good for us, consumers. :nerd_face:


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